Hanging Balloons from the ceiling makes a great effect on any area from the smallest to an elaborate look in a large venue.

There is a pretty simple way to determine how many balloons you will need. All you need to do is measure the length and the width of the floor and multiply the 2 numbers together. For example if a room is 10 feet long by 10 feet wide you multiply 10 x 10=100, so you room is one hundred square feet. An average 11″ balloon will cover approximately 1 square foot of the ceiling so you will need 100 balloons to cover a 10 x 10 ceiling. You can cover half the ceiling but more always looks better whin it comes to balloons.

You can attempt to this on your own but keep in mind the cost and the expertise that comes along with a professional for choosing colors and layout. You will need a helium tank, balloons and ribbon and scissors. It will take the average person about 3 hours to complete this vs. a professional who can do it in an hour. Depending on the type of party think about the colors of your balloons and ribbon carefully, if you choose colors that are too dark it will make your room appear very dark, using colors that are too light may not give it that wow effect.

Another great idea for any prom, sweet sixteen, wedding reception, 50th birthday, graduation,retirement party.